Galvanised rectangular manger with a drain plug

Galvanised corner manger with a drain plug

Tie post

Tie post with horse tie-up ring

Cast aluminium horse head

Feeding rack with a front door

Rug rail

Tie post with horse tie-up ring

Aluminium manger


Remtor professional stable accessories – optimize your work with horses

The right stable accessories can make everyday work with animals much easier, especially during grooming, make cleaning and feeding much easier. Our wide product range also includes professional stable equipment articles, without which it would be difficult to imagine a stable suitable for keeping horses. The horse stable accessories we produce are of the highest quality and extremely durable. This means that you can be sure that horse stable accessories purchased from Remtor are safe for animals and people and will serve you for many years.

Feed through – essential stable accessories for a full stomach of your horses

The issue of feeding horses with the right food is fundamental to their health. Therefore horse owners should pay special attention to suitable feed troughs and their contents.
Due to the specific nature of the digestive system, horses have a particular predisposition to colic, which in extreme cases can even lead to the death of the animal. For this reason, among others the digestive tract needs constant and optimal conditions to function well. Our range of horse stable accessories includes feeding troughs in various shapes – square and rectangular.
They are galvanised, so they have high strength and resistance to low and high temperatures. against low and high temperatures and corrosion. Our feed troughs are equipped with
drain plugs for easy cleaning and maintenance. We also manufacture aluminium feeders – their shape is oval, semicircular. Their aesthetics and high quality of workmanship makes these products very popular among our customers.

Remtor hay racks for complete horse stable equipment

The hay rack is a very important element of the horse stable equipment, which ensures species- appropriate feeding of the horse. Firstly, the horse should eat the hay slowly and in small portions in order to the right amount of fibre, which plays an important role in the digestive process. process. Thanks to its design, the hay rack prevents the feed from being eaten too quickly. Horses eat more slowly and chew more thoroughly when hay is taken from the hay rack. Also, the hay rack can significantly reduce hay losses. If you need professional stable accessories for feeding horses, you will find practical hay racks with a mesh door in our range. Through this grid door the hay rack can be filled without having to enter the box. The Remtor hay racks have a sturdy construction and are easy to handle.

The stable accessories for horses also include functional blanket holders!

A blanket is the basic element of the horse’s wardrobe. It covers his upper body and, depending on the
model, also his neck. There are different types of blankets – some cool (through
water-absorbing polymer fibres), others, e.g. anti fly blankets, protect against insects and dust. There are also horse blankets made of wool to keep horses warm. Regardless of the type and purpose – each of them is essential. We offer blanket holders that can be mounted on the front wall of the stall. They are made of stainless steel, which makes them beautiful, strong and stable. They are featured not only by functionality – thanks to them we avoid mess in the stable and the horse blanket will not get dirty or crumpled. Moreover, this important horse stable accessory will certainly give the interior of the stable a special character. Aluminium casts of horse heads can decorate the tops of the posts that connect the horse boxes.

Tie post with tie ring – indispensable stable accessory

Every stable should also be equipped with tie posts and tie-up rings. These are important elements for optimal stable equipment due to their purpose. For cleaning, grooming, veterinary treatment and other stable work, the horse is tied to the tether on the tie post. Our tethering rings and posts are hot-dip galvanized, making them durable. Their surface is rust-proof, so these will last for years.