External stables

External stables

Technical Details of our External Stables

  • Technical drawing 2D view
  • Foundation layout
  • Static calculations – our projects are adapted to the relevant snow load zones
  • At the customer’s request, external stables can be built in an L- or U-shape
  • Outdoor stables can be fitted with any type of stall partitions
  • The standard stall dimensions are 3.0m x 3.0m; 3.5m x 3.5m; and 4.0m x 4.0m – optionally we can also manufacture in other dimensions
  • We also build barns with internal stables and an integrated feeding pen
  • The outside walls of the external stables for horses with horizontally installed boards
  • Saddle room, grooming area, hay storage
  • Stable windows, paddock doors, paddocks
  • Roof covering with different colours: Trapezoidal profile insulated roof panels (100mm thick), Fibre-cement corrugated roof panels, Trapezoidal sheet with anti-condensation coating
  • Ventilation in the ridge area
  • Rain gutters and drainpipes in titanium zinc
  • Various wood fillings 32 mm or 38 mm thick, Denya and Douglas pine 60 mm
  • Warranty and post-warranty service




PVC Boards

Außenboxen Dach - Sandwichplatten (100 mm stark) Außenboxen Dach - Sandwichplatten (100 mm stark)

Sandwich panels (100mm thick)

Außenboxen Dach - Faserzement-Wellplatten Außenboxen Dach - Faserzement-Wellplatten

Fiber cement corrugated sheets

Außenboxen Dach - Trapezblech mit Antikondensionsbeschichtung Außenboxen Dach - Trapezblech mit Antikondensionsbeschichtung

Trapezoidal sheet with anti-condensation coatin

Roof colors


Exterior walls in different wood infill panels 32 mm or 38 mm thick with tongue and groove joints, laid horizontally, floor finish in 38 mm thick Denya wood

  • Fibre-cement corrugated sheets impact-resistant, available in many different colours
  • Front roof overhang 1.2m
  • Roof pitch approx. 13 °
  • Venting system
Exterior walls in Douglas wood or Denya 60mm thick with tongue and groove joints, laid horizontally, floor finish in Denya wood 38mm thick
  • Trapezoidal profiled insulated roof panels 100mm thick. Thanks to its thermal insulating properties, it keeps the heat inside the building in the winter and protects against heat in the summer
  • Front roof overhang 1.5m
  • Steel beams and steel purlins. Steel is the best raw material for barn construction – it is more durable than wood and highly resilient. Thanks to its physical properties, it is structurally strong and therefore very stable. Unlike a wooden construction, the steel construction does not bend or deform. Therefore the entire barn construction including the roof is made of steel and protected against corrosion. This ensures that the roof remains watertight for many years.
  • Light ridge approx. 2.0m wide (polyester reinforced with acrylic glass, frosted view), durable skin UV and ammonia resistant. Wide light ridge effectively illuminates the building with natural light, which is very important for the animals’ well-being.
  • Roof pitch approx. 13° (gradient can be reduced if necessary)
  • Venting system