External stables

External stables

Exterior walls in different wood infill panels 32 mm or 38 mm thick with tongue and groove joints, laid horizontally, floor finish in 38 mm thick Denya wood

Fibre-cement corrugated sheets impact-resistant, available in many different colours

Front roof overhang 1.2m

Roof pitch approx. 13 °

Venting system

Exterior walls in Douglas wood or Denya 60 mm thick with tongue and groove joints, laid horizontally, floor finish in Denya wood 38mm thick

Trapezoidal profiled insulated roof panels 60 mm thick. Thanks to its thermal insulating properties, it keeps the heat inside the building in the winter and protects against heat in the summer

Front roof overhang 1.5 m

Steel beams and steel purlins. Steel is the best raw material for barn construction – it is more durable than wood and highly resilient. Thanks to its physical properties, it is structurally strong and therefore very stable. Unlike a wooden construction, the steel construction does not bend or deform. Therefore the entire barn construction including the roof is made of steel and protected against corrosion. This ensures that the roof remains watertight for many years.

Light ridge approx. 2.0m wide (polyester reinforced with acrylic glass, frosted view), durable skin UV and ammonia resistant. Wide light ridge effectively illuminates the building with natural light, which is very important for the animals’ well-being.

Roof pitch approx. 13° (gradient can be reduced if necessary)

Venting system


External stables

Technical Details of our External Stables

Technical drawing 2D view

Foundation layout

Static calculations – our projects are adapted to the relevant snow load zones

At the customer’s request, external stables can be built in an L- or U-shape

Outdoor stables can be fitted with any type of stall partitions

The standard stall dimensions are 3.0m x 3.0m; 3.5m x 3.5m; and 4.0m x 4.0m – optionally we can also manufacture in other dimensions

We also build barns with internal stables and an integrated feeding pen

The outside walls of the external stables for horses with horizontally installed boards

Saddle room, grooming area, hay storage

Stable windows, paddock doors, paddocks

Roof covering with different colours: Trapezoidal profile insulated roof panels (60mm thick), Fibre-cement corrugated roof panels, Trapezoidal sheet with anti-condensation coating

Ventilation in the ridge area

Rain gutters and drainpipes in titanium zinc

Various wood fillings 32 mm or 38 mm thick, Denya and Douglas pine 60 mm

Warranty and post-warranty service

Dach - Sandwichplatten (100 mm stark) Dach - Sandwichplatten (100 mm stark)

Sandwich panels (60mm thick)

Dach - Faserzement-Wellplatten Dach - Faserzement-Wellplatten

Fiber cement corrugated sheets

Dach - Trapezblech mit Antikondensionsbeschichtung Dach - Trapezblech mit Antikondensionsbeschichtung

Trapezoidal sheet with anti-condensation coatin

Roof colors

When designing our stables we have the welfare of the horses and the comfort of their keepers in mind. We want the stables to guarantee healthy conditions providing comfort and safety for the horses at any time of the year and in any weather conditions. It is important that the stables are made of natural materials, have an appropriate cubic capacity and efficient ventilation. The buildings designed by our company meet all these challenges. The height of the outer walls of our stables is 3m and complies with the guidelines of the German Riding Association (Deutschen Reiterlichen Vereinigung), ensuring that the building has sufficient volume. The appropriate amount of natural light is provided by numerous skylights, which can be selected according to the specific location of the stable. A special ventilation system in the ridge ensures that the stables are never stuffy and that the air is always fresh. To ensure natural conditions in the stables, the walls of our buildings are made of steel and wood. The natural wood makes the whole stable breathable and maintains conditions similar to those in nature, where the horses feel most comfortable. To ensure that the stables are always at the optimum temperature, whether in winter when the weather is freezing or in summer when the weather is hot, the roof is made of 10cm sandwich panels. This is more than most companies on the market, but only such thick insulation guarantees that the stable will always be comfortable even in extreme temperatures, which is becoming increasingly important. We are putting up buildings for many decades so they need to be extremely durable and resistant, which is why we decided to make all the battens and beams in our buildings steel. This is unusual, but we know that timber battens and girders can bend over time and unseal roof panels, so we decided to meet this problem and install steel roof structure elements in all our stables with a composite panel roof. Each of our buildings can be customised, inside and out. We offer built-ins for the social areas, the feed store as well as storage for the stables with a truss instead of posts for easier manoeuvring of machinery. Exterior elements include a wide range of windows, doors, gates and paddocks to build your dream stable.




PVC Boards

professionelle aufstellboxen für pferde

Professional single-row stables for the safety and comfort of your horses

Remtor - Außenboxen aus Polen

The single-row stables we manufacture are meticulously designed to meet the highest standards of practicality, safety, and aesthetics. They are suitable for both large professional stud farms and smaller horse farms, providing an ideal shelter for horses. Our primary objective in designing these boxes is to prioritize the well-being and comfort of the horses, ensuring they feel secure and at ease. We are equally committed to delivering solutions that exceed the expectations of our valued customers.

With our extensive experience, utilization of premium-quality materials, and unwavering dedication to excellence, we offer our customers the finest horse boxes available. We take great pride in the exceptional quality of our products, which is further reinforced by our TÜV 1090 certification. This certification serves as a testament to our strict adherence to superior construction standards in the manufacturing of our horse boxes.

Two types of single-row stables to choose from

Remtor - Außenboxen aus Polen

Within the Remtor product range, we offer two distinct versions of outdoor horse boxes: the Comfort System and the Prestige System. These product variants are designed to be highly functional and cater to the needs of both professional horse stables and private equestrian facilities. Depending on your specific requirements, the outdoor stables can be equipped with various types of boxes.

The Comfort System provides a practical and straightforward solution for those seeking functional and cost-effective options. The outdoor boxes are available in different variations, featuring timber infill walls with thicknesses of either 32 mm or 38 mm. This system offers excellent value for money while ensuring reliable performance.

On the other hand, the Prestige System offers a higher standard of quality, incorporating additional features that enhance functionality and comfort. In this system, the exterior walls can be constructed using premium materials such as Douglas fir or denya, boasting a thickness of 60 mm. Furthermore, the Prestige System allows for the inclusion of a baseboard made of exotic denya wood, which measures 60 mm in thickness. These added options elevate the overall aesthetic appeal and durability of the outdoor horse boxes.

Regardless of the system chosen, both the Comfort and Prestige Systems exemplify Remtor’s commitment to delivering top-tier solutions tailored to the unique requirements of our discerning customers.

Each single-row stable made according to individual wishes

Remtor - Außenboxen aus Polen

Our outdoor boxes can be crafted from a selection of high-quality materials, including pine, larch, and Douglas wood. For customers seeking a more unique touch, we also offer the option of constructing outdoor boxes from hard, exotic woods such as denya and bongossi. Additionally, we provide the choice of single-row stables with durable plastic boards available in black, brown, and grey.

The entire steel structure undergoes a hot-dip galvanization process in accordance with DIN EN ISO 1461 to ensure optimal corrosion resistance. Upon request, we can further enhance the steel parts by powder-coating them in any RAL color of your preference.

We understand the importance of accommodating the specific needs of both our customers and their horses, which is why we offer flexibility in adapting the dimensions of the boxes accordingly. Furthermore, we can cater to additional requirements such as including a corridor, hay store, saddling room, or washing area within the stables.

In order to bring your envisioned design for outdoor boxes to life, we also provide the option of constructing them in L-shape or U-shape configurations. To aid in the visualization of the proposed solutions, we provide our customers with detailed technical drawings showcasing both their ideas and our suggestions.

To ensure that ample sunlight permeates each outdoor box, we offer the installation of additional windows or a skylight. These windows can be crafted from either plexiglass or safety glass, depending on your preferences. Moreover, we can incorporate tilting windows within the paddock doors for added convenience. As an extra safety measure, we can provide a V-shaped grille in addition to the standard protective grille.

At Remtor, we strive to meet the diverse requirements of our customers, offering tailored solutions and a wide range of customizable features for outdoor boxes, all while prioritizing the safety and well-being of your horses.

Stable construction and high-quality materials in Remtor single-row stables

Remtor - Außenboxen aus Polen

In our single-row stables, the partitions can be customized to meet the specific needs of our customers. They can be filled entirely with boards or include practical grating partitions at the top, allowing horses to have better contact with each other. We offer a range of wood-grating combinations in various versions as our standard offering. All steel components are supplied hot-dip galvanized to ensure durability.

The roof in our stables can be customized to suit your preferences. We offer the option of a mono-pitched or gabled roof upon request. In the standard version, we use corrugated fibre cement panels as the roof covering. For additional insulation, we recommend 60 mm thick insulated sandwich panels. The color of the roof surface can be chosen according to the customer’s preferences.

Our single-row stables come equipped with gutters and downpipes to ensure efficient drainage. The construction includes a seal between the concrete slab and the outer wall, providing protection against moisture. If desired, we can extend the roof into the paddock area with larger roof extensions and supporting slopes, providing additional protection from the sun and rain.