Horse Crush

Treatment station:

  • Functional and very stable exam stand, opening from all sides.
  • Sturdy latches and clearances on the sides for easy and safe care of horses.
  • Adjustable side latches that can immobilise your horse regardless of size.

The horse crush is 2160 mm long and 1010 mm wide.




PVC Boards


Horse crush with side elements with wooden infill


Robust and solid horse crush – provides maximum protection during procedures on horses

The horse crush is very helpful, especially when horses are temperamental or impatient and require various veterinary examinations or hygiene and grooming procedures.

Due to its use, i.e. restraint of the animal, the horse crush should be made of high-strength material. Without a horse crush many veterinary operations would be impossible or at least very difficult. Such large animals must be immobilised for safety reasons, both for them and for those caring for them. When a horse is in a stressful situation, its spontaneous reaction can lead to an unfortunate accident. As the horse is restrained on the crush, it can only move to a limited extent and therefore has less room for manoeuvre.

The horse can sense our attitude very well, so before planned treatments we should be calm, not make sudden movements or noise. Our calmness will strengthen his sense of security. Proper protection of the animal during examination or hygienic and veterinary procedures guarantees their successful performance. In the Remtor stable your horse will be optimally prepared for further grooming, and you can be sure that he will not hurt himself.

Lunge pens made with high quality workmanship according to customer requirements

Our horse crush are functional and very stable. Their great advantage is that they can be opened from all sides. In addition, they have adjustable side latches that allow horses of any size to enter. Thanks to the solid latches and the free spaces on the sides, you can easily and safely groom the horses in the horse crush.

Each horse crush can be filled with boards made of different types of wood: Pine, Larch, Douglas Fir, Bongossi, Denya, Bamboo. The horse crush has the following standard dimensions: length 2160 mm and width 1010 mm. The side parts are mounted on strong hinges. The structure is hot-dip galvanised as standard. On request we can make the surface in any RAL colour by powder coating.