Horse Crush

Horse crush with side elements with wooden infill


Treatment station:

  • Functional and very stable exam stand, opening from all sides.
  • Sturdy latches and clearances on the sides for easy and safe care of horses.
  • Adjustable side latches that can immobilise your horse regardless of size.

The horse crush is 2160 mm long and 1010 mm wide.

Horse Crush

The horse crush made by Remtor is the result of work based on the experiences of our customers, developed in collaboration with our European partners. Our horse crush stands out for its versatility and safety, both for the horse and its handlers. Thanks to rotating panels on all sides, unrestricted access to the horse is possible from any direction. The sturdy construction ensures rigidity of the entire structure, and the movable crossbar at the rear allows for immobilizing the horse, regardless of its size. Our horse crush is a perfect device for every horse owner.




PVC Boards


Robust and solid horse crush – provides maximum protection during procedures on horses

The horse crush serves as an invaluable tool, particularly when dealing with temperamental or impatient horses during various veterinary examinations, as well as hygiene and grooming procedures.

Given its function of restraining the animal, the horse crush must be constructed from high-strength materials. Without a horse crush, many veterinary procedures would be challenging or even impossible to carry out. Due to their large size, it is essential to immobilize horses for safety reasons, both for the animals themselves and for the individuals caring for them. When horses find themselves in stressful situations, their spontaneous reactions can lead to unfortunate accidents. By utilizing a horse crush, the animal’s movement is limited, providing less room for unpredictable maneuvers.

Horses possess a keen sense of our demeanor, so it is crucial to maintain a calm and composed attitude before performing any planned treatments. Sudden movements or loud noises should be avoided, as our tranquility strengthens their sense of security. Ensuring proper protection of the animal during examinations, hygiene routines, and veterinary procedures is paramount to achieving successful outcomes. In the Remtor stable, your horse will be optimally prepared for subsequent grooming, and you can rest assured that the necessary precautions are in place to prevent any harm to the animal.

Horse crush Remtor – made of durable and proven materials

Our horse crushes are not only functional but also highly stable. One significant advantage is their accessibility from all sides, as they can be opened from multiple directions. Additionally, they feature adjustable side latches, allowing horses of all sizes to enter. The presence of sturdy latches and spacious side areas enables easy and secure grooming within the horse crush.

Furthermore, each horse crush can be customized with boards made from various types of wood, including Pine, Larch, Douglas Fir, Bongossi, Denya, and Bamboo. The standard dimensions of our horse crushes are 2160 mm in length and 1010 mm in width. The side components are securely mounted on robust hinges. As a standard feature, the structure undergoes a hot-dip galvanization process, ensuring its durability and resistance to corrosion. Upon request, we can also provide a surface finish in any desired RAL color through powder coating.

At Remtor, we prioritize both functionality and aesthetic appeal in the design and construction of our horse crushes, ensuring that they meet the highest standards of quality and customization.