Horse barn


  • Exterior walls in different wood infill panels 32 mm or 38 mm thick with tongue and groove joints, laid horizontally, floor finish in 38 mm thick Denya wood
  • Fibre-cement corrugated sheets impact-resistant, available in many different colours
  • Ventilation in the ridge area
  • Roof pitch approx. 13 °
  • Ridge skylight
  • Gable and eaves sides with timber infill


  • Exterior walls in Douglas wood or Denya 60mm thick with tongue and groove joints, laid horizontally, floor finish in Denya wood 60mm thick
  • Trapezoidal profiled insulated roof panels 60mm thick. Thanks to its thermal insulating properties, it keeps the heat inside the building in the winter and protects against heat in the summer
  • Steel beams and steel purlins. Steel is the best raw material for barn construction – it is more durable than wood and highly resilient. Thanks to its physical properties, it is structurally strong and therefore very stable. Unlike a wooden construction, the steel construction does not bend or deform. Therefore, the entire barn construction including the roof is made of steel and protected against corrosion. This ensures that the roof remains watertight for many years
  • Light ridge approx. 2.0m wide (polyester reinforced with acrylic glass, frosted view), durable skin UV and ammonia resistant. Wide light ridge effectively illuminates the building with natural light, which is very important for the animals’ well-being
  • Eaves and gable walls with a light strip approx. 0.5 m high of 10 mm clear cellular polycarbonate
  • Roof pitch approx. 13° (gradient can be reduced if necessary)
  • Ventilation in the ridge area


Horse barn

When designing our stables, we prioritize the welfare of horses and the comfort of their caretakers. Our goal is to ensure that the stables provide a healthy and safe environment for horses throughout the year, regardless of weather conditions. Key considerations include the use of natural materials, appropriate cubic capacity, and efficient ventilation. Our company’s buildings successfully meet all these challenges.

The outer walls of our stables have a height of 3 meters, adhering to the guidelines of the German Riding Association (Deutschen Reiterlichen Vereinigung) to ensure sufficient volume within the building. Ample natural light is provided through a selection of skylights that are strategically placed based on the stable’s specific location. A special ventilation system integrated into the ridge of the building ensures a constant supply of fresh air, preventing any stuffiness within the stables.

To create a natural environment, the walls of our buildings are constructed using a combination of steel and wood. The incorporation of natural wood allows for breathability, mimicking the conditions found in nature where horses feel most comfortable. Moreover, the roofs of our stables are made of 60cm sandwich panels, offering superior insulation.

Durability and resistance are paramount for our long-lasting buildings. To address concerns related to bending and potential unsealing of roof panels over time, we have made the decision to utilize steel battens and beams in all our structures. This approach, although unconventional, mitigates the aforementioned issues, ensuring the stability of the composite panel roof. Each of our buildings can be fully customized, both internally and externally. We provide built-in features for social areas, feed storage, and stables with trusses instead of posts, facilitating easier maneuvering of machinery. Additionally, a wide range of windows, doors, gates, and paddocks are available to create your dream stable.

Sedle room
Hay storage
6x box

Overview of the technical details of the Remtor horse barns

Modular construction

Documentation and certificate DIN 1090

Technical drawing 2D view

Foundations plan

Static calculation – our projects are adapted to the corresponding snow load zones

Horse barn with centre-aisle

The standard width of the stable aisle is 3.0m – other widths of the stable aisle are also possible as an option

At the customer’s request we build horse barns in L or U shape

Any type of internal stable or partition

The standard stall dimensions are 3.0m x 3.0m; 3.5m x 3.5m; and 4.0m x 4.0m – optionally we can also manufacture in other dimensions

We also build barns with internal stables and an integrated feeding pen

Manure removal system – pull-out partitions

Saddle room, grooming area, hay storage, feed storage

Stable windows, paddock doors, paddocks

Sliding gate at entrance and exit, single or double, with skylight or solid wood infill

A wide, light ridge in a pitched roof

Various roof coverings

Trapezoidal profiled insulated roof panels 60mm thick. Thanks to its thermal insulating properties, it keeps the heat inside the building in the winter and protects against heat in the summer

Fibre- cement corrugated roof panels, impact resistant

Trapezoidal sheet with anti-condensation coating

Roof covering available in many different colours

The eaves height of pitched roof stables is 3.0 m (according to German FN guidelines) – other heights are available on request

Extended roof canopy on steel column supports

Ventilation in the ridge area

Diagonal bracing (wind bracing) hot-dip galvanised

Columns 80x80mm thick; solid base plates 12mm thick; heavy-duty fastening

All steel parts hot-dip galvanised according to DIN EN ISO 1461 (hammerblow coating on request)

Rainwater gutters and drainage pipes made of titanium zinc

Sealing between external walls and concrete slab

Various wood fillings 32mm or 38mm thick, Denya and Douglas pine 60mm thick with tongue and groove, laid horizontally; floor finish of Denya wood 38mm thick

Warranty and post-warranty service

We manufacture our horse stables in Poland, in accordance with the German FN guidelines

Dach - Sandwichplatten (100 mm stark) Dach - Sandwichplatten (100 mm stark)

Sandwich panels (60mm thick)

Dach - Faserzement-Wellplatten Dach - Faserzement-Wellplatten

Fiber cement corrugated sheets

Dach - Trapezblech mit Antikondensionsbeschichtung Dach - Trapezblech mit Antikondensionsbeschichtung

Trapezoidal sheet with anti-condensation coating

Roof colors




PVC Boards


Functional horse stables – for the well-being of animals and people

The horse barns we design and manufacture are meticulously crafted to provide practicality, safety, and aesthetic appeal, ensuring a secure and comfortable environment for your horses. If you are seeking to create an optimal setting for your animals, we highly recommend considering Remtor’s exceptional horse barns. With our extensive experience and unwavering passion for horses, we possess the expertise to design and construct wooden horse barns of the utmost quality, adhering to the highest standards and addressing key considerations.

One of the distinguishing features of our projects is their remarkable flexibility, allowing us to offer tailored solutions that meet the unique requirements of even the most discerning horse owners. Whether you envision an L-shaped or U-shaped horse barn, we can accommodate various dimensions and customize the design to harmonize with the specific conditions of your equestrian facility. Additionally, we can incorporate practical elements such as stable alleys, hay storage areas, saddling rooms, and washing areas, ensuring a comprehensive and functional setup. Throughout the entire process, from initial planning to installation, our team of specialists is at your disposal to provide expert guidance, assist in realizing your stud concept, and offer valuable insights based on their wealth of knowledge.

Your concept – our realisation: Design with us a stable tailored to your needs and your horses.

The horse barns we meticulously design and manufacture provide a blend of practicality, safety, and aesthetic appeal, creating a serene and comfortable haven where your horses can thrive. If you aspire to establish a harmonious environment for your animals, we wholeheartedly recommend exploring Remtor’s exceptional collection of high-quality horse barns. With our extensive experience and unwavering dedication to equine well-being, we possess the expertise to design and construct professional-grade wooden horse barns that adhere to the most stringent standards.

Our projects are renowned for their remarkable flexibility, allowing us to cater to the unique demands of even the most discerning horse owners. Whether you envision an L-shaped or U-shaped horse barn, we can craft structures of varying dimensions, meticulously considering the specific conditions of your equestrian facility. Moreover, we offer the option to customize the barns with practical features such as stable alleys, hay storage areas, saddling rooms, and washing areas, ensuring a comprehensive and functional layout. Throughout every stage of the project, from initial planning to seamless installation, our team of specialists stands ready to assist you in realizing your vision, offering expert guidance and sharing their profound expertise.

Your idea – our implementation: Design with us a horse barn adapted to your needs and your horses.

The typical notion of a horse building often conjures images of a large stable with a central aisle, constructed with a steel frame and predominantly made of wood. Regrettably, this association is also accompanied by thoughts of unpleasant odors, dimly lit spaces, and forlorn animals. At Remtor, however, we defy conventional norms by constructing horse stables that embody warmth, comfort, and a welcoming ambiance, ensuring an environment where both animals and humans can thrive. Nonetheless, in order to create a wooden horse barn that offers optimal conditions, it is imperative to focus on several crucial aspects that significantly impact the well-being of the horses.

Drawing from our extensive experience in constructing stables and our daily interaction with horses, we possess a profound understanding of the conditions that foster their utmost comfort. Our robust and inviting Remtor horse stables are designed to provide secure and adequately spacious stalls, arranged in an optimal configuration that promotes socialization among the animals. Abundant natural light, including ample daylight, combined with effective ventilation and access to fresh air, form essential elements that contribute to their well-being. Additionally, a well-conceived horse barn should cater to the needs of its users, facilitating streamlined workflows and optimizing efficiency.

At Remtor, we prioritize the creation of horse barns that transcend mere functionality, focusing on the holistic experience of both the animals and those who care for them. By seamlessly integrating comfort, safety, and ergonomic considerations, our stables exemplify our commitment to excellence in design and construction.

Your horse barn made of wood and steel – using only the highest quality materials

Remtor stables are meticulously crafted with the well-being of horses as our paramount concern. The comfort and safety of these stables are largely dependent on the materials employed in their construction. To ensure the utmost quality and durability, we select raw materials and components that meet the highest standards. Wood, being a fundamental raw material in stable construction, holds significant importance in our selection. Our range offers various types of wood, including impregnated options like pine, larch, or Douglas fir, as well as hardwood choices such as Denya and Bongossi. In addition to wooden stables, we also offer alternatives made from plastic boards in black, grey, and brown.

Regarding the steel structure, we offer two design options: hot-dip galvanizing (according to DIN EN ISO 1461) or powder coating in a wide range of RAL colors. A meticulously designed stud farm also takes into account a well-thought-out layout, incorporating functional arrangements of horse stalls and other essential areas. In a horse barn with a central stable aisle, internal stables are positioned on both the left and right sides. These internal stables should have appropriate dimensions to ensure optimal freedom of movement for the horses. While standard internal stable dimensions are typically 3.5 x 3.5 m and 4.0 x 4.0 m, customized dimensions are also available to accommodate specific requirements.

Depending on the preferences of our customers, we offer partition walls with solid wood filling, as well as options with vertical or horizontal grid fixings. The production of internal stable partitions adheres to the highest standards, employing premium wood and other top-quality materials. Furthermore, we provide the option of producing sliding partition walls between horse stalls. This feature allows for convenient machine-cleaning, as the partition walls can be pulled along the hall corridor, ensuring ease and efficiency.

Well-functioning ventilation and plenty of light – for more comfort for horses and people in the stable

Every stable owner understands the significance of proper lighting and ample sunlight within the horse stable. Horses naturally thrive in environments abundant with daylight, as it positively impacts their health, immunity, behavior, and fertility. Therefore, it is essential to maximize the presence of natural light within the stable. To achieve this, installing additional windows in each stall or incorporating a skylight in the roof is an ideal solution. These windows can be crafted using materials such as Plexiglas or safety glass. Furthermore, for added functionality, windows in the paddock doors can be equipped with a tilt function. As for the grilles, there are options available, including a standard protective grille or a V-shaped grille.

In addition to sufficient lighting, proper airflow and ventilation are crucial for maintaining an optimal horse barn environment. An efficient ventilation system is integral to ensuring effective air circulation, eliminating unpleasant urine odors, and reducing humidity within the internal stables. Therefore, each of our projects includes a carefully designed ventilation system tailored to the specific requirements of the horse barn, regardless of its size.

Encouraging outdoor access for horses on a daily basis is also highly beneficial for their overall well-being. Upon request, we can provide access from the internal stables to the paddock, facilitated by a two-part external door. The upper hinged door within the paddock door allows horses to enjoy fresh air and observe their surroundings by sticking their heads out of the window, providing them with mental stimulation and a connection to the outside world.

Horse barns with different roof variants – effective protection in all weather conditions

As a prominent constructor of horse stables, we place great importance not only on delivering products of the highest quality, but also on ensuring their functionality and aesthetic appeal. Our designs are known for their exceptional flexibility, offering a wide range of equipment variants to suit your specific requirements. When it comes to roof construction, we can provide your wooden horse barn with either a pent roof or a gable roof, allowing you to choose the design that best suits your preferences and needs. The standard roofing solution comprises durable fibre cement corrugated sheets. However, if you require enhanced insulation for your barn, we highly recommend opting for trapezoidal profiled insulated roof panels, which provide a substantial 60 mm of insulation. Furthermore, the roof surface can be customized with various colors, allowing you to create a visually appealing and harmonious aesthetic for your stable.

In order to ensure proper drainage, all of our horse barns are equipped with rain gutters and drainage pipes, effectively channeling water away from the structure. Additionally, we take measures to protect against moisture by installing waterproofing from the outer walls of the stable down to the floor slab, providing a reliable barrier against dampness and water infiltration.

To enhance both functionality and aesthetics, we offer sliding gates for your horse barn. These gates feature safety glass windows with integrated crossbars in the upper portion, ensuring both security and visibility. Our gates are designed for effortless opening, facilitating easy access and allowing ample sunlight to illuminate the stable aisle, creating a bright and inviting environment for both horses and caretakers.