Horse stalls

Posts 50x50mm
Tubes ½” (21,3mm) or 3⁄4” (26,9 mm)
Besonderes C-profil
Füllung 32 mm / 38 mm

Trolleys with 4 ball bearing rollers each

Technical Details

  • Standard height: 2,30 m
  • Profile thickness 50 mm
  • Grille 1⁄2 ” (21.3 mm) with grille spacing 50 mm (alternatively 3⁄4″ (26.9 mm)
  • Board height 1,30 m
  • The sliding door is equipped with a solid guide rail with a wall thickness of 3.5 mm and two very high quality trolleys with 4 ball bearing rollers each.
  • Sliding door or pivot door with a swing-open hatch in the grille
  • Automatic lock on sliding doors and additional bottom protection on opening doors
  • Special C-Profile
  • Feeding option with hatch or pivoting frame
  • Hot-dip galvanised or powder coated
  • Various wood fillings 32 mm or 38 mm thick
  • Air vents in the boards
  • Decorative horizontal boards
  • On request we also make heights suitable for ponies and stallions
  • Bar lock with compression spring pre-tension for secure locking of the sliding door
  • Entry foot for rod lock made of very solid cast brass for highest loads
  • Front and partition walls as well as all accessories can be designed and built according to your wishes

Internal stable fronts

Posts 50×50 mm

Tubes ½” (21,3mm)

Posts 80×80 mm

Tubes ½” (21,3mm)

Bars 90

Tubes ½” (21,3mm)

Bars 114,3 mm

Tubes ½” (21,3mm)




PVC Boards



Posts 50x50mm; tubes ½” (21,3mm)

Posts 80x80mm; tubes ½” (21,3mm)

Round columns 90mm; tubes ½” (21,3mm)

Round columns 114,3mm; tubes ½” (21,3mm)


All fronts are available with options of decorative wooden horizontal planks, powder coating, rotating manger or decorative balls.

Partition walls

Posts 50x50mm; tubes ½” (21,3mm)

Washing area partition

Easy Cleaning

The easy cleaning system was designed to facilitate manure removal. We offer various solutions for different types of horse barns, so that everyone is able to find a solution that is ideal for their specific needs:

  • partitions with a track and roller system allowing the wall to be pulled out into the aisle,
  • swing partition walls,
  • front walls which open out as a single element or two elements.

What measurements should a single stable have

Withers Height (WH x 2, squared (Wh x 2)2
Example: Horse with 1,68m withers: (1,68m x 2)= 11,29 m2
A stable 3.00 m x 3.00 m is too small for such a horse!

Mindestmaße am Beispiel dreier Widerristhöhen (Auszug aus den Leitlinien für Pferdehaltung) 1,48 m 1,68 m 1,75 m
Boxenfläche (m2) für ein einzelnes Pferd ≥ (Wh x 2)2 8,76 11,29 12,25
Boxenfläche (m2) für eine Stute mit Fohlen ≥ (Wh x 2,3)2 11,59 14,93 16,20
Mindestlänge (m) der Schmalseite der Box ≥ 1,75 x Wh 2,59 2,94 3,06
Höhe der Trennwand (m) mit Aufsatzgitter ≥ 1,3 x Wh 1,92 1,92 2,28
Fläche (m2) eines Paddocks ≥ (Wh x 2)2 8,76 11,29 12,25

Create a friendly and comfortable bedroom for your horses – only with quality internal stables from Remtor.

Our aim is to create accommodation for horses in which the animals will have plenty of freedom of movement. At the same time our constructions should provide maximum safety – both for animals and people who take care of them. When we design an optimal internal stable, we always make sure that it is tailored to the horses’ needs and offer them comfortable conditions. Therefore, special attention should be paid to the relevant dimensions and the materials from which they are made. Our qualified staff will be happy to advise you and prepare a suitable design, taking into account the above-mentioned aspects.

The highest quality of every stable, from hinges to wooden partitions.

The horse stable we design include doors with sliding locks, wooden partitions, windows and ventilation systems. All components of the internal stable are free of sharp, protruding objects – the space is absolutely safe for animals and the risk of injury has been reduced to a minimum. The constructions are firm and durable – even if the animal panics, it will not damage the inside of the stable. We also offer different variants of entrance and window systems, which our customers can adapt to their needs and preferences. The most important thing, however, is that in every stable project we make sure that its structure does not give the possibility of accidental opening – for example by a kick from the horse. When it comes to the safety of our horses, we do not compromise.

mpressive design and timeless elegance – functional and stylish internal stable

At the bottom of the page you can see various models of internal stables from our factory. Each project combines the most characteristic features of the Remtor brand – first-class quality, attention to detail and unique, classic design. A large selection of front fronts, posts, bars and partitions allows you to design all stall elements according to your wishes and to adapt the whole internal stable to individual needs. As our products are also highly flexible, the height of the profiles can also be adapted to the needs of the specific breed living in the stable.