Barn windows

  • Safety glass
  • Rain protection
  • Special T-profile
  • Angle frame 60×60 mm
  • Galvanised or powder coated steel frame
  • Large and adjustable hinges
  • Sealing to protect against rain
  • Wind hook with ring
  • Square lock
  • Arched windows
  • Arched windows
  • Safe and handy tilt function
  • Rubber seal
  • Rain edge in the tilt window
  • Stainless steel knob
  • Aluminium – rotary knob
Large and adjustable hinges
Square lock
Automatic sliding lock
Ventilation grid
"Night" lock, foot operated

Technical details of our barn windows:

  • Safety glass
  • Protective grille
  • Square lock or aluminium turn knob
  • Round knob in stainless steel
  • Lock cylinder
  • Arched
  • Rain edge at the top and bottom
  • Wind hook
  • Powder coating

Rotating window

Safety glass
Protective grille
Square lock
Rain edge
Wind hook
Angle frame 60x60mm

Turn and tilt window

Safety glass
Protective grille
Square lock
Rain edge
Wind hook
Angle frame 60x60mm

Rotating and tilting arched windows

Turn knob
Double bolt lock
Knob – optionally in stainless steel
Cylinder insert
Protective grille
Square lock
Rain flap at the top and bottom
Wind hook
Angle frame 60×60 mm

Turn window grille

Hinged grille
Square lock
Rain edge
Wind hook

Windows with solid wood panels

Pivoting window
Square lock


Proper barn windows installation – for happy horses

Barn windows play an important role in the smooth running of any horse stable and also affect the indoor climate. They also offer many benefits that have a positive impact on the health and well-being of horses. Several important technical aspects need to be taken into account in order for them to perform their functions properly.

In a well-designed stable, the stable windows are placed in the correct proportion to the floor and mounted at the optimum height for the horse. If they are placed too high, they will cause discomfort to the curious horse who likes to lean out of the window to observe his surroundings and other horses. The recommended height is 120-130 cm above the ground. When deciding on the appropriate mounting height and size of the window, it is best to consider each case individually and choose the right parameters depending on the breed and size of the horse. However, the most important thing is that the horse feels comfortable and safe when looking through the barn window.

Barn windows for horses provide natural lighting and ventilation for the stable building!

The health of a horse depends on many factors – including nutrition, amount of daily exercise, proper hygiene and mental wellbeing. Vitamins are also very important, especially vitamin D3, known as the sunshine vitamin, as it is formed in living organisms when exposed to sunlight. Horses are sensitive to light and its intensity. Adequate sunlight aids digestion and improves mood, as endorphins are produced in their bodies. A suitable window in the stable therefore allows horses at least partial exposure to sunlight and provides them with an adequate dose of energy. To further illuminate the stable building, special skylights can be installed in the roof of the stable. This is a good way to let extra sunlight into the stable.

Another important aspect cannot be overlooked – the windows in a stud farm are an essential part of the ventilation system. Fresh air is as important as light! A well-ventilated stable provides a good airflow directly above the bedding, where ammonia, harmful to horses, floats, and the use of e.g. window bars ensures a more even airflow.

There is no doubt, therefore, that optimal lighting and ventilation of the barn through spacious windows for horse stables should be a priority for every horse owner who cares about the welfare of their animals.

Horse stables as a window to the world – a good solution to boredom

Although it is not so obvious, barn windows have other important functions – they allow horses to satisfy their curiosity and observe their surroundings, especially other horses. They are herd animals and cannot be isolated and kept in the dark. Inadequate lighting in the stable building causes anxiety in horses and the lack of possibility of observing other animals has a negative impact on their psyche.

Fully-fledged barn windows from Remtor – many variants with many opening options

All our structures are made of durable and tested materials and to a standard that ensures the highest level of animal safety. Remtor’s solid, reliable windows are made of strong profiles and, depending on the customer’s wish, of Plexiglas or safety glass. The name of the last element is not accidental, the glass is in fact safe, in case of damage it will not break into small pieces. In order to ensure the safety of horses, we have equipped the windows of our stables with an additional strong grating.

Barn windows in our offer are available in several opening variants: as casement windows (hinged), tilt windows or tilt-and-turn windows. Each of them is equipped with an appropriate knob, which optionally can be made of stainless steel. The barn windows we offer are manufactured in standard size 1000 x 1000 mm in straight or arched form. However, thanks to the technology we use, we can respond to individual customer needs and produce stable windows for horses even with non-standard dimensions and shapes. We also use an innovative rubber seal, which serves both as a rain edge and a cover for the upper edge of the window.

Barn windows provide daylight, which has a significant influence on the horses’ well-being. Therefore, the choice of windows must be well thought out and tailored to their needs. If you need advice in this regard, please contact us. We will advise you on which stable windows are best suited for a friendly horse-friendly stable.