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Remtor’s paddock fencing system is a great solution for any stable. It provides comfort and safety for horses when they are outdoors. Meeting the needs of every facility, our paddocks can be arranged in fields of any shape and size. The fences are made of 2″ (60.3mm) tubing with robust 80x80mm posts. The use of such materials ensures that our fences are safe and incredibly durable. For limited space, we offer custom-made fences. Our paddock gates have two latches, providing additional rigidity and safety for the entire structure. The paddocks can be bolted or concreted into the ground, allowing for installation in any conditions. For more information, we invite you to explore our paddock fencing offers.

Technical features of our paddocks

Posts available in heights of 1400 mm or 1600 mm,

Posts made of square tube 80x80x3 mm,

3 or 2 horizontal tubes available,

Pipe ⌀ 60.3 mm x 3 mm,

Construction is hot-dip galvanized,

Paddock gate included,

The possibility of posts to be bolted to the ground or concreted,

Functional and adaptable paddocks – the space which horse needs!

In order to provide your horses with ample space and fresh air outside the stable, it is essential to prepare a suitable outdoor area. Our paddocks are specifically designed to meet this purpose, offering optimal conditions for the healthy development of the animals. Within our range, you will find secure and sturdy paddock systems that provide a wide range of configuration possibilities. This enables you to create a unique paddock tailored to the individual needs of both horses and their owners.

The inclusion of a paddock is of utmost importance in any stud or equestrian center, as it plays a vital role in the efficient functioning of horses. The availability of open space is inherent to their nature, and paddocks offer the ideal opportunity for horses to experience a simulated natural environment. One significant advantage of paddocks is that horses can roam freely, providing them with a substitute for life in their natural habitat. Moreover, paddocks serve as a valuable remedy for boredom, fulfilling social needs and preventing behavioral issues. As herd animals, horses require the presence and contact of their companions, and paddocks facilitate this fundamental aspect of their nature.

With our commitment to horse safety and comfort, our paddocks are designed and constructed to the highest standards. This ensures that horse owners can focus on what truly matters – the meaningful interaction and connection with their horses. At Remtor, we prioritize the well-being of horses and strive to provide paddocks of exceptional quality, allowing both horse and owner to derive the utmost enjoyment and benefit from this vital outdoor space.

Optimal design of horse paddocks – what should be taken into account?

Several factors play a crucial role in determining the optimal design of a paddock enclosure. Firstly, the size of the paddock area should be appropriate and adjusted based on the number of horses that will roam freely within it. It is important to consider the compatibility of horses with one another, taking into account their age, condition, and overall health. Creating a harmonious group of horses is essential for their well-being.

Furthermore, careful attention should be given to selecting a suitable paddock surface. It is imperative that the surface is non-slip and devoid of mud to minimize the risk of accidents. Slipping poses a significant threat to both the horse and its owner, and can have catastrophic consequences. Therefore, ensuring a well-maintained and safe surface is of utmost importance.

While for many horses, the paddock itself serves as a form of entertainment, there are others that may require additional diversions to prevent boredom. In such cases, designing the paddock area with careful consideration is recommended. Providing long paths for running and incorporating viewpoints can add interest and stimulation for the horses. Additionally, introducing elements that entertain and capture the horses’ attention, such as stones for licking, play balls, or hay nets, can enhance their experience within the paddock.

By taking into account these various factors and implementing them in the design, one can create a paddock environment that promotes the physical and mental well-being of horses, ensuring their enjoyment and contentment while also prioritizing their safety.

Design a safe and stable paddock fence with Remtor

Horse owners who possess a comprehensive understanding of their animals’ natural requirements recognize the immense advantages that come with an optimally designed paddock. To facilitate this task, we provide intelligent paddock construction solutions that are tailored to meet the specific needs of each horse stud. Within our product range, you will discover robust fences, gates, and paddock doors, constructed exclusively from premium-grade components. Notably, our paddock systems exhibit a remarkable level of flexibility, allowing for easy expansion and customization to accommodate any desired configuration.

Depending on the size of the horses, we offer a paddock fence with a height of 1400 mm, which serves as an adequate barrier even for adult animals. For those seeking a higher fence, we also provide an option with a height of 1600 mm. Each fence comprises 2 or 3 cross tubes and undergoes standard hot-dip galvanization, with the possibility of optional powder coating in a color of your preference. Our offered post sizes include 80x80x3 mm (tube Ø 60.3×3 mm), which can be either screwed onto or embedded in concrete. This versatile solution facilitates easy installation of the fence onto walls or the ground. Injection anchoring is utilized in crucial connection points, ensuring that our paddocks exhibit exceptional durability and stability. The side walls of the paddock fence (excluding posts) are available in lengths of 2000 mm, 3000 mm, and 4000 mm. The width of the paddock gates and partitions is determined through direct consultation with the customer, enabling us to tailor the metal paddock fencing to the specific needs and possibilities of each equestrian facility.

In order to guarantee optimum horse safety, our paddock gates are meticulously secured to prevent unauthorized openings. If you wish to discuss your ideas and requirements for your ideal horse paddock, we encourage you to contact our qualified advisors. They possess extensive knowledge in paddock construction and will gladly address any inquiries you may have.