Technical features of our paddocks at a glance

  • height of 1400mm or 1600mm,
  • 3 or 2 horizontal tubes,
  • hot-dip galvanised structure,
  • posts 80x80x3mm,
  • pipe ⌀ 60.3mm,
  • entrance gate with adjustable width,
  • the possibility of posts to be bolted to the ground or concreted.

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Paddock gate

Paddock partitions 3 cross tubes

Paddock gate

Side wall 2 horizontal tubes

Side wall 3 horizontal tubes

Post to be bolted

Post to mount to concrete

Functional and adaptable paddocks - horses need more space!

To give your horses more free space and fresh air outside the stable, you should prepare a suitable
outdoor area for them. The paddocks we offer are best suited for this purpose, guaranteeing the animals
optimal conditions for healthy development. In our offer you will find safe and solidly made paddock
systems that offer a variety of arrangement possibilities. This allows you to create a unique paddock,
tailored to the individual needs of horses and their owners.
The paddock is certainly a place that should not be missing in any stud or equestrian centre. It plays an
important role in the efficient functioning of horses, because open space is part of their nature. A great
advantage of paddocks is that horses can be let loose, which gives them a substitute of life in natural
environment. In addition, the paddock is the best cure for boredom and a way to satisfy social needs
and prevent behavioural problems. Horses need the presence and contact with their companions, which
is due to their herd nature.
Thanks to the high quality of our paddocks, which have been designed with horse safety and comfort in
mind, horse owners can focus on what matters most – interacting with their horse.

Optimal design of horse paddocks - what should be taken into account?

There are many factors that determine the optimal design of an enclosure. First of all, the area for the
paddock should be of an appropriate size and should be adapted to the number of free-ranging horses.
They should also tolerate each other. Therefore, when choosing a group of horses, the age, condition
and health of the animals should be taken into account. Attention should also be paid to a suitable
paddock surface, which should be non-slip and free of mud. Otherwise there is a high risk of slipping,
which can have fatal consequences for both the horse and its owner.
For many horses the paddock is a form of entertainment, but there are also horses that need additional
diversity in order not to get bored. For this purpose it is worthwhile to properly design the paddock area
(long paths for running, view points) and equip it with elements that entertain horses and attract their
attention, e.g. stones for licking, balls for playing, nets for hay, etc.

Design a safe and stable paddock fence with Remtor

Horse owners who are thoroughly familiar with the natural needs of their animals appreciate the
enormous benefits of optimal paddock design. To make this task easier, we also offer smart paddock
construction solutions that are tailored to each horse stud. In our range you will find sturdy fences, gates

and paddock doors, for which we use only the highest quality components. Our paddock systems are
also characterised by a high degree of flexibility, as they can be extended to allow any configuration.
Depending on the size of the horses we can make a 1400 mm high paddock fence, which is a sufficient
barrier also for adult animals. A higher fence with a height of 1600 mm is also possible. Each fence
consists of 2 or 3 cross tubes. The metal fence is hot dip galvanised as standard and can optionally be
powder coated in a colour of your choice.
The post sizes available in our offer are 80x80x3 mm (tube Ø 60,3×3 mm) with the possibility of screwing
them on or installing them in concrete. Thanks to this solution you can easily fix the fence of the
enclosure to the wall or to the ground. We use injection anchoring in important connection points, thanks
to which the paddocks produced by us are characterised by exceptional durability and stability. Length
of the side walls of the paddock fence (without posts): 2000 mm, 3000 mm, 4000 mm. The width of the
paddock gates and partitions is agreed directly with the customer, which makes it possible to adjust the
metal paddock fencing to the individual needs and possibilities of the equestrian facility.
To ensure optimum horse safety, our paddock gates are properly secured to prevent them from being
opened by the horse.
If you would like to discuss your ideas for your dream horse paddock with us, please contact our
qualified advisors. They will be happy to answer all your questions and share their knowledge about
paddock construction.