Paddock doors

Large and adjustable hinges
Square lock
Automatic sliding lock
Ventilation grid
"Night" lock, foot operated


Key features of our paddock doors and stall door

  • One – or two-part door
  • Pivot windows or top tilt windows
  • Plexi or safety glass
  • Angle frame 60x60x6 mm
  • Protective grille
  • Square lock, round knob in stainless steel
  • Automatic lock
  • „Night” lock
  • Arched top
  • Ventilation grille
  • Rain flap at the top and bottom
  • Door hook
  • Hot galvanised or powder coated




PVC Boards


Paddock doors turn and tilt windows

Side walls

Automatic lock
„Night” lock
Square lock
Tilt and turn window

Paddock door with anti weave grill window

Automatic lock
„Night” lock
Square lock
with V-shaped grid hole


Make sure you have a proper paddock door – the horses need to go out!

The door that leads to the mental and physical health of horses is none other than…. the paddock door! While the stable serves as a shelter for the horses, the paddock provides them with freedom of movement in the open air. For these animals, going out into the paddock, the outdoors or the pasture is not only an entertainment that adds variety to the daily routine and monotony of stable life, but above all, it is a very important activity that has a huge impact on their health and well-being. It could even be said that outdoor grazing is an important preventative health measure for horses – it prevents depression and frustration, and can reduce behavioural problems in horses.

By choosing the right paddock or stall door, your horses are free to go outside, get fresh air, run and
spend time with other horses without being separated by internal stable walls.

Behind the paddock door: safety first – the safe and solid paddock doors from Remtor

For horses to feel comfortable and safe in the paddock, they should have constant access to water, a place to rest, a shady place to protect them from the sun and the possibility to hide under a shelter in case of heavy rain. It is also good for protecting horses from insects that often bother them in the paddock. A mesh cover protects your horse’s torso from this, you can also put an anti fly mask on your horse’s head and use suitable repellents. To provide maximum safety for horses entering the paddock, we make every effort to ensure that the paddock doors and external stable doors we manufacture meet the highest quality and safety standards. We only use high quality building materials from reliable suppliers. We always check very carefully that there are no protruding parts or sharp edges, which minimises the risk of injury. To ensure maximum safety, the door to the paddock or internal stable can be fitted with protective glass and a safety grille.

Different design options for paddock doors – bespoke solutions for every horse owner

Paddock and internal stable doors are an important part of a complex stable design that requires well planned solutions. As the needs of our customers are diverse, our products are highly flexible and can be freely configured. In addition to standard dimensions, we can also meet your individual wishes and produce a door in non-standard dimensions.
When choosing the right door for your paddocks, you first need to decide whether you want a single- or double-leaf gate. The one-piece version is characterised by a simpler design and has fewer additional features. On the other hand, two-piece doors are very practical and have many advantages. With this option, the paddock door and the stall door in the upper part can be equipped with a pivot window or a turn tilt window, depending on the customer’s choice. This double function makes the stall door very versatile as it can be opened separately. Even if the horse does not go outside, it can get fresh air and watch what is happening in the yard thanks to a window built into the top of the door. In addition, the windows allow more daylight into the stable.

We only use robust and durable materials in the production of our paddock doors and internal stable doors. The robust metal construction ensures a long service life and is available in two versions – hot-dip galvanised or powder-coated. Various wood types are available for the timber infill, including larch, Douglas fir and Bilinga. Whichever version you choose, you get a paddock door that convinces with careful craftsmanship and top quality.

One of the most important features of all Remtor paddock doors and internal stable doors is the user-friendly operation, which increases the comfort of use. Contributing to this are simple and functional locking mechanisms (e.g. cylinder and automatic sliding lock, square lock) and practical handles (e.g. knob or turn knob).
The multitude of possible options may give a headache to those who are undecided, that is why we meet our customers’ expectations and provide competent advice. Our qualified and experienced staff will help you choose appropriate doors to paddocks and stalls, which will additionally beautify your stud farm.