Manure Removal

Easy cleaning system

The Easy Cleaning system has been designed to facilitate the removal of manure. We offer various solutions for different types of stables, so that everyone can find the perfect solution for themselves:

  • Partition walls equipped with a rail and roller at the bottom, allowing the walls to be extended into the stable aisle.
  • Hinged partition walls.
  • Hinged facades in one or two parts.
  • The clearance height can be adjusted according to your needs.


Easy Cleaning

The Easy Cleaning System has been meticulously designed to minimize the time required for bedding changes within a stable. With a range of versatile solutions, our system is applicable to various types of buildings. Over the course of many years, we have utilized and refined our solutions to provide optimal accessibility for machinery, enabling swift and efficient operations. The Easy Cleaning system can be implemented in a majority of Remtor’s front panels and partitions, allowing us to select the elements that best align with our expectations while providing an additional advantage in the form of a rapid and efficient mulch replacement system. The system encompasses options such as fully opening or sliding fronts, as well as corridor-extending or side-folding partitions. Our sales team is available to offer guidance on the most suitable system for your specific building, ensuring that you can enjoy the convenience of your stable on a daily basis. For further information, please contact our sales department.

Manure removal in a stable – Why should you consider Remtor’s Easy Cleaning system?

The task of cleaning stables and yards is undoubtedly time-consuming and demanding. One of the reasons for this is the fact that a healthy horse defecates approximately every 2 hours, amounting to around 12 times a day! The quantity of manure produced varies depending on factors such as the horse’s nutrition and mobility. Horses that graze on pastures, consume less oats, and spend more time in stalls tend to produce a larger volume of droppings.

The removal of manure is not only essential for maintaining hygiene, but also for the well-being of the horses. Insufficient or improper cleaning of stables, as well as inadequate bedding, can negatively impact the horse’s health. These conditions often lead to respiratory problems, skin diseases, and the proliferation of bacteria and fungi. Troublesome thrush is particularly prevalent, especially during autumn when the increased rainfall, muddy conditions, and excessively wet ground heighten the risk of this disease.

Why is proper manure removal so crucial in horse keeping? A horse-friendly stable boasts a microclimate that promotes their well-being. This microclimate is influenced by various factors, including the amount of air per horse, the provision of fresh air, maintaining appropriate temperature and humidity levels, and the ability to maintain low concentrations of gases and dust. One such harmful gas is ammonia, which can have detrimental effects on horses when present in excess.

In conclusion, proper management of manure in a stable yields numerous benefits that extend beyond one’s imagination. It not only affects the climate within the stable, but also significantly impacts the health of the horses and the comfort of the individuals working in the stable.

Efficient manure removal to optimise stable operations

Maintaining cleanliness in a stable with numerous stalls poses a genuine challenge for horse owners. As experts in horse stables, we understand this challenge and strive to provide optimal solutions for manure removal, such as our Easy Cleaning System. This meticulously designed system significantly enhances the efficiency and speed of manure removal from the stable.

Over the years, we have consistently recommended and refined our partition systems to cater to the needs of horse owners. These partitions can be smoothly slid out or tilted as necessary, facilitating efficient and effective disposal of horse manure. The running mechanisms are constructed using top-quality components, ensuring that moving the partitions requires minimal force while maintaining swift and safe operations. By employing Remtor’s manure removal techniques, the time required for manure removal is significantly reduced, guaranteeing clean and comfortable stalls.

Manure removal systems for every type of stable

A well-designed horse box should prioritize easy removal of both manure and bedding. The Easy Cleaning system enhances the convenience of preparing horse bedding by providing complete and convenient access to the boxes. Our product range encompasses rail and roller partitions, which can be extended into the stable corridor, making it an ideal solution for a two-row stable. By extending the partitions into the stable corridor, the previously separate boxes can form a unified space.

In cases where extending the partitions into the stable corridor is not feasible, rotating partitions offer an excellent alternative. This achieves the same outcome of creating a corridor of boxes that can be cleaned more efficiently as a whole, rather than individually. Swivel fronts, whether single or double, are particularly suited for those who prefer to clean each box sequentially. Hinged swivel fronts further improve muck removal by enhancing access to the boxes, simplifying the cleaning process.