Barn doors

Technical features of our barn doors and barn gates

  • Single or double sliding gate
  • Two- or four-leaf swing gate
  • Solid wood infill or with top window
  • Plexi or safety glass
  • Doorframe 60 x 60 x 6mm
  • A handle
  • Lock cylinder
  • Gate bolt, lever action
  • Arched top
  • A rail cover
  • Ventilation grille
  • Door hook
  • Hot dip galvanising or powder coating




PVC Boards


Example projects of stable gates


Enhance your horse barn with solid and functional barn doors from Remtor

Every complex project of building an ideal horse barn should also include a solid and stable barn door. They serve important functions that are necessary for the proper functioning of the horse stable and affect the safety of the animals. Therefore, this stage of the project deserves special attention. In addition, when choosing practical and functional doors for stables, it is important to pay attention to several important aspects to avoid wrong decisions and the resulting dissatisfaction.

It’s hard to imagine a stable building without a matching wooden barn door or wooden stable door, which is why the Remtor range includes a large selection of models in different design variants that you can design completely to your own taste. And if you don’t have an idea yet, our experienced advisors will help you choose the most suitable stable doors and barn doors for your horse.

Lunge pens made with high quality workmanship according to customer requirements

Despite all appearances, the choice of a suitable gate or door for a barn is not limited to visual characteristics. First of all, you should pay attention to their stability and functionality. Barn gates or barn doors not only provide access to and exit from the stable, they also have a protective function for the animals. Thanks to them, horses can be safely kept in their stalls without fear of them leaving on their own.
Furthermore, thanks to their universal properties, the barn doors available in our range can be used anywhere. They not only enable spatial separation, but also the separation of horses. In addition, they can also be used as double-leaf stable doors, stall doors or paddock doors depending on your needs.
Every true horse stable undoubtedly includes an aesthetically pleasing stable door. Due to its massive construction, the materials used in its manufacture must be of the highest quality to ensure many years of durability. Stability is also very important as the barn doors are used every day. To work properly, they also need to be in harmony with the entire stable building. This is not a problem for us, as we offer many variants of barn gates or stable doors to meet the requirements of even the most demanding customers.
Finally, the visual aspect cannot be overlooked, as barn doors also have a visual function. They attract attention and influence the viewer’s first impression. Therefore, it is advisable to adapt the stable door and the barn door so that they form a style-coherent integrity with the horse stable.

Great design freedom with Remtor – barn doors and stable doors completely in line with your preferences

Due to our many years of experience in building optimal horse stables, we know that every project is different and requires different solutions. Therefore, we try to adapt our product range to the individual needs of each horse owner. In addition, we also allow custom-made products and thus ensure the satisfaction of our customers. We manufacture barn and stable door in various dimensions depending on the customer’s request. In this way, they can be perfectly adapted to any stable building. We offer different models of barn doors, depending on individual customer needs and preferences. You can choose between two design variants: sliding or hinged doors. Classic two- or four-leaf hinged gates are characterised by classic design and are appreciated by people who value simplicity. On the other hand, single or double sliding gates are a very practical solution, which is very popular among our customers. Sliding gates are equipped with the highest class trolleys with 4 bearing rollers, which makes them easy to operate. Customers who value personalisation will also appreciate the possibility to independently configure the available barn doors and stable door. Among other things, it is necessary to decide on the type of wooden infill (optionally e.g. larch, bamboo, bongossi etc.). Apart from wooden stable doors, it is also possible to fill them with smooth plastic panels in black, grey or brown. For greater safety for your horses, we also offer barn doors and stable door with safety glass or plexiglass. If required, the barn doors can be fitted with windows in various shapes, e.g. rhomboid or square. The upper part of the stable door can be straight or finished with a decorative arch. The gates are equipped with door hook to keep them open. This means you don’t have to worry about a strong gust of wind closing them unexpectedly and jeopardising the safety of your horses. Every Remtor barn door and stable door is hot dip galvanised as standard, but powder coating is also available on request. The colour palette is wide, so you can choose the perfect colour for your stable.