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Barn doors

Remtor gates combine durability and elegance. We guarantee the quality of our doors for several decades and make sure that our gates always close easily. This is why all sliding gates are equipped with a comfort closing system consisting of a very strong and rigid rail, four rollers, two for each leaf, which guarantee smooth and quiet work for many years. The brass slide and the special end of the closing tube make the gates close easily and quietly. The special plastic handles make opening the gates extremely easy and pleasant.

Gates can be ordered in any size and with any modifications. We offer a wide range of sliding gates which can be filled with wood or glass. We use very strong hinges and basquil locks bolted at the top and the bottom which gives exceptional rigidity and security. The gates can be double or it may be possible to design doors which upper sided allowing extra ventilation in the stable. All our gates are made from a special RP profile specifically dedicated to windows, doors and gates. This profile combines extraordinary rigidity and elegance of workmanship. The glazed gate is equipped with 6 mm VSG safety glass, which is completely safe for horses because even if it is hit and breaks, it will never shatter. The glass is embedded in the frame with a special plastic strip which is extremely weatherproof. All gates are supplied with a frame. The frame is made of a very strong 60x60x6mm angle iron or a special profile if the gates are very large. Customers who want to install the gates themselves will be provided with assembly instructions and an assembly package containing the needed materials.

Technical features of our barn doors and barn gates

Single or double sliding gate

Two- or four-leaf swing gate

Solid wood infill – optional window (plexiglass or safety glass)

Doorframe 60 x 60 x 6mm

A door handle

Lock cylinder

Gate bolt, lever action

Arched top

A rail cover

Ventilation grille

Door hook

Hot dip galvanising or powder coating




PVC Boards


Enhance your horse barn with solid and functional barn doors from Remtor

In every comprehensive horse barn construction project, the inclusion of a solid and stable barn door is of utmost importance. These doors serve critical functions that are essential for the smooth operation of the horse stable and ensure the safety of the animals. Therefore, this phase of the project warrants special attention. When selecting practical and functional doors for stables, it is crucial to consider several key aspects to avoid making incorrect decisions that may result in dissatisfaction.

A stable building would be incomplete without a well-matched wooden barn door or wooden stable door. At Remtor, we offer a wide selection of models in various design variants, allowing you to customize them to your personal preferences. If you are unsure of the design you desire, our experienced advisors will assist you in choosing the most suitable stable doors and barn doors for your horses.

Multifunctional stable gate and stable door – Stability and safety in the foreground.

Contrary to appearances, the selection of an appropriate gate or door for a barn encompasses more than just visual characteristics. The primary considerations should be their stability and functionality. Barn gates or doors not only serve as entry and exit points for the stable but also play a vital role in ensuring the safety of the animals. They provide a secure enclosure, preventing horses from wandering off on their own.

Moreover, the barn doors available in our range possess versatile properties that make them suitable for various applications. They not only facilitate spatial separation but also enable the segregation of horses as needed. Depending on your requirements, they can be utilized as double-leaf stable doors, stall doors, or paddock doors.

An aesthetically pleasing stable door is an essential element in any authentic horse stable. Given their robust construction, the materials used in their manufacturing must exhibit the highest quality to ensure durability over the years. Furthermore, considering that barn doors are utilized on a daily basis, stability is of utmost importance. It is imperative that they harmonize with the overall design of the stable building. At Remtor, we offer a wide range of barn gates or stable doors to cater to the needs of even the most discerning customers.

Lastly, the visual aspect should not be overlooked, as barn doors also serve a decorative function. They draw attention and significantly influence the viewer’s initial impression. It is advisable to ensure that the stable door and barn door form a stylistically coherent unity with the horse stable, creating an overall aesthetic appeal.

Great design freedom with Remtor – barn doors and stable doors completely in line with your preferences

With our extensive experience in constructing optimal horse stables, we understand that each project is unique and demands tailored solutions. As a result, we strive to adapt our product range to meet the individual requirements of every horse owner. Furthermore, we offer custom-made products to ensure utmost customer satisfaction. Our barn and stable doors are available in various dimensions, allowing for perfect integration into any stable building. We provide different models of barn doors, catering to the diverse needs and preferences of our customers.

You have the option to choose between two design variants: sliding or hinged doors. Our classic two- or four-leaf hinged gates exhibit a timeless design and are favored by those who value simplicity. On the other hand, our single or double sliding gates offer a practical solution that is highly popular among our clientele. Equipped with top-class trolleys featuring four bearing rollers, our sliding gates are easy to operate. For customers who value personalization, we offer the opportunity to configure the available barn doors and stable doors according to their preferences. This includes selecting the type of wooden infill, such as larch, bamboo, or bongossi. Alternatively, smooth plastic panels in black, grey, or brown can also be utilized. To enhance the safety of your horses, we provide barn doors and stable doors with safety glass or plexiglass. Additionally, if desired, windows in various shapes, such as rhomboid or square, can be incorporated. The upper part of the stable door can be straight or adorned with a decorative arch. Our gates are equipped with door hooks to keep them open, eliminating concerns of sudden closure due to strong gusts of wind and ensuring the safety of your horses.

Every Remtor barn door and stable door undergoes a standard hot-dip galvanization process, while powder coating is available upon request. Our extensive color palette allows you to select the perfect shade to complement your stable.