Open stables and pasture sheds

Open stables and pasture huts – technical details

  • Modular open stables and pasture huts
  • Documentation and certificate DIN 1090
  • Technical drawing 2D view
  • Foundation layout
  • Static calculation – our projects are adapted to the corresponding snow load zones
  • Various roof coverings: Trapezoidal profiled insulated roof panels 100mm thick. Thanks to its thermal insulating properties, it keeps the heat inside the building in the winter and protects against heat in the summer
  • Fibre- cement corrugated roof panels, impact resistant
  • Trapezoidal sheet with anti-condensation coating
  • Extended roof canopy on steel column supports
  • Diagonal bracing (wind bracing) hot-dip galvanised
  • Columns 80x80mm thick; solid base plates 12mm thick; heavy-duty fastening
  • All steel parts hot-dip galvanised according to DIN EN ISO 1461 (hammerblow coating on request)
  • Rainwater gutters and drainage pipes made of titanium zinc
  • Sealing between external walls and concrete slab
  • Various wood fillings 32mm or 38mm thick, Denya and Douglas pine 60mm thick with tongue and groove, laid horizontally; floor finish of Denya wood 38mm thick
  • Warranty and post-warranty service
  • We manufacture our horse stables in Poland, in accordance with the German FN guidelines




PVC Boards


Open Stables and Pasture Sheds

Außenboxen Dach - Sandwichplatten (100 mm stark) Außenboxen Dach - Sandwichplatten (100 mm stark)

Trapezoidal profile insulated roof panels (100mm thick)

Außenboxen Dach - Faserzement-Wellplatten Außenboxen Dach - Faserzement-Wellplatten

Fibre- cement corrugated roof panels

Außenboxen Dach - Trapezblech mit Antikondensionsbeschichtung Außenboxen Dach - Trapezblech mit Antikondensionsbeschichtung

Trapezoidal sheet with anti-condensation coating


Open stable – a practical solution for every stud farm. Why choose an open stable system?

Open stables are very popular among horse owners, which is certainly due to a good knowledge of their needs. This type of stable has many advantages that have a positive impact on the health and well-being of horses, which should always be a priority in both small, private and professional studs or riding facilities. Below are the most important reasons why you should choose an open stable. Firstly, open stables provide optimal conditions for horses, they feel comfortable there because they have direct access to pastures or paddocks. This allows horses to satisfy their most important needs – lots of exercise, fresh air and contact with other horses. The right dose of exercise also ensures the horse’s health – strengthens muscles, tendons, ligaments, and also has a positive effect on the functioning of the circulatory and respiratory systems. Regular exercise in fresh air also helps the
digestive process.

Secondly, and most importantly, an open stable provides horses with daylight and easy access to stalls where they can find shelter during strong winds or hot weather (animals must have access to fresh water and shade).

When deciding on an open stable, the prevailing climate and weather conditions often play an important role. Horses only tolerate the cold when it is dry, but the cold combined with humidity causes discomfort and stress for the horses. An open stable provides a safe haven for horses and also protects them from rain with a roof. It is advisable to keep horses outdoors as it gives them plenty of freedom of movement and contact with the environment and other horses.

Functional pasture shed – a retreat for horses and a shelter in case of bad weather

Horse pasture sheds are a practical solution that is popular with both small and large stud farms and equestrian facilities. Unlike other enclosed stables, a pasture shelter is open, so horses can enter and exit freely. This has a positive effect on their well-being, as they can feel more comfortable than in closed stalls. In addition, the horses are calmer, more relaxed and less bored in a group. Horse owners often choose pasture shelters because they are cheaper to build than traditional stables. In addition, their construction is simpler and often does not require foundations. Our range includes durable wooden pasture sheds that serve as a shelter for horses where they can protect themselves from heavy rain, gusty winds or the sun.

Solid open stables and pasture sheds with strong construction and durable materials

The open stables and pasture sheds we manufacture convince with their first-class quality and exceptional durability. This effect is due to our attention to detail and the use of only tested and durable materials. Our product range includes, among others, open stables, single and double row stables and pasture sheds, which we produce according to individual customer requirements. The supporting structures are made of high-quality steel. In order to offer you an open stable and pasture shed of the highest quality, we use components from market leaders. We cooperate with renowned companies such as Fischer and Hilti, which offer comprehensive solutions for the construction industry and provide us with new technologies and software. The prefabrication of large-format steel elements is carried out on CNC machines. Thanks to them, among other things, grinding and milling is not only efficient but also precise and the elements and workpieces produced are identical. Thanks to the professional anchoring of the building in the ground, our open stables and pasture sheds are very stabile, which increases the level of safety in difficult weather conditions (e.g. strong gusts of wind). The steel construction is resistant to corrosion – the high quality of our products is confirmed by certificates from a hot-dip galvanising plant and a powder paint shop. We hold the EN 1090 quality certificate.

Design your own open stable or pasture shed with us – we will be happy to realise your project

We know that a wide range of equipment options is very important to our customers. This allows them to design their own open stable and pasture according to their own preferences. The walls of an open stable can be filled with boards made of different types of wood, e.g. impregnated pine, Douglas fir, larch, Denya wood, Bongossi, bamboo. We also recommend plastic boards for fillings, available in 3 colours – black, brown and grey. PVC boards are characterised by high resistance to external factors, they are strong and durable. Different roof coverings can be used for open stables and pastures: trapezoidal profile insulated roof panels (100mm thick), fibre- cement corrugated roof panels, trapezoidal sheet with anti-condensation coating. We also offer a wide range of roofing colours. Each building is equipped with rain gutters and downpipes. Our qualified staff will be happy to advise you on the right roof for your open stable that best meets your needs.

Sturdy and safe Remtor open stables and pasture sheds – to serve you for years

Each open stable and pasture shed is designed by a team of qualified technicians who strive to meet the clients’ expectations. Each project is different, individually tailored to the horse owner’s needs. The customer receives from us a technical drawing of the building, a foundation layout, as well as static calculations. Our open stables and pasture sheds are covered by warranty and after-warranty service. If you are wondering what type of stable is best for your horses, we recommend taking a look at our extensive range.